Joining the gym, starting a new workout program is one thing, keeping it up is another. But how sincerely is that done? This program is designed to provide you everything you need to go from fat to fit.

Get ready to burn fat, boost strength and to be absolutely shredded with our predefined four levels of fat to fit program. This program is a combination of regular exercises with machines and weights, and functional training techniques like Plyometric ,Flexibility, Hiit-plyo, Circuit and Calisthenics.

The program is deliberately designed in four levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Level Next, Level Two) to achieve the goal of consistently burning fat as well as to parallely increase your power (speed-strength). First level-Beginner is designed for getting introduced to this program. It is a kick starter for the next levels, designed to get familiar to fat burning. Second level-Intermediate is more about the process of adaptation to the program towards the journey of gaining speed strength. Third level-Level Next, ultimately helps you multiply your fat burning capacity and consequently causes overall transformation of your body. Fourth Level- Level Two changes the body’s comprehensive mechanism and improves responsiveness towards workout.

***The workout plans are designed in appropriately considerate manner as per the tendency of an individual to pickup the pace of the levels of the program.

We provide workout sheets of the complete program, split up into levels, coupled with competent instructors and effective training.

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