Personal Training


Planning to get in shape for an event? Participating in a sport selection? Have a modeling audition? Tired of obesity? Having a medical condition?

Welliesta’s prime motto is building confident mindsets-the confidence for health, the confidence of personality, the confidence of lifestyle. We care about your fitness goals and aspirations and strive to provide you mental and physical confidence to be a better person, your higher self.

We have a team of proficient personal trainers fluent with knowledge of sport science, exercise science, muscle function, strength and conditioning, human anatomy, biomechanics and Nutrition.


  • Friendly and motivating personal coach
  • Creative and inspiring atmosphere
  • Latest workout styles
  • Personalized plans
  • Dedicated follow up of your goals’ timeline
  • Easy and effective makeover

***The workout plans are designed in appropriately considerate manner as per the tendency of an individual to pickup the pace of the levels of the program.

We provide workout sheets of the complete program, split up into levels, coupled with competent instructors and effective training.



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