The main idea of Zumba is to provide fitness to people who don’t particularly enjoy exercising, without giving the subjects the feeling of hard work. It combines fast and slow rhythms with aerobic interval training accompanied with music and fun. Zumba is a fitness program adaptable and safe for all ages, fitness levels and body types. Zumba consists of beautiful and diverse dance forms and music. Music is the core of Zumba and keeping it fun and joyous is the soul of Zumba but the most noteworthy thing about this dance form is it takes the best of all the dances. This dance workout is such a fun workout that one won’t even know that he/she is working on his/her whole body without even knowing it.

Zumba covers the wide variety of exercises like weight loss through cardio, body toning, flexibility enhancement and refinement of an individual’s balance.

Welliesta incorporates a variety of Zumba Types and corresponding Dance styles as stated below. There are batch wise group sessions of one hour in the evening. The module is designed for covering up all the Zumba types in a systematic combination for optimum efficiency of the Workout.


Zumba Step: This workout will target an individual’s legs. Hence, the word Step. The leg muscles will get stronger and the rigorous workout will burn calories right off his body.

Zumba Toning: The movements in the Zumba dance are blended with Aerobics. The main focus of Zumba toning is to strengthen the arms, abs, and thighs in a single workout. Weights are used to get the best out of this workout.

Zumba in the Circuit: If a person is looking for a speedy, swift and heart-pumping workout then this Zumba Workout will help him maintain his health and weight by firing up his metabolism to a different level.

Zumba Sentao: Zumba Sentao will make a person sweat while he sits and workout and burn those calories right off. This is a unique workout with unique benefits like improving cardiovascular health and balance.

Zumba Kids: Zumba kids target kids from 7 to 14 years of age. By adding different games and activities in the workout, the confidence and coordination of kids are increased.

Zumba Gold: Zumba Gold was created to keep the older generation healthy and fit. The moves of this workout are toned down as per the age group, a bit slow without hampering the fun.

The Zumba Gold Toning: Zumba Gold Toning keeps the Older Generation active. The Zumba Dance workout includes weights and Zumba sticks to make the workout more interesting and for making the strength and posture better.

We provide workout sheets of the complete program, split up into levels, coupled with competent instructors and effective training.

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