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Fitness Training encompasses a wide range of exercises, equipment and theories. Many of the different tools and equipment can be found in the gym. But often equipment is used incorrectly or training is not perceived properly. Also some people may not be physically ready for that specific equipment or the practice itself might not be correct. It is common for people to just copy what they see others doing in the gym. In this case it is not necessary that the person being followed might be doing it correctly, and even if he was doing it right, it is not necessary that the exercise is suitable for the person copying it.

Most of the conventional gyms focus their routines in training individual muscle groups like biceps, quads, pecs, hamstrings etc in sagittal plane of the body (forward and backward movements). This is the most significant issue with perspective of fitness training. While covering workout in sagittal plane of motion, the workouts go unidirectional, ignoring the other planes of motion of a human body. Real life motion is not unidirectional.The workouts should be inspired by real life motions covering the frontal (side to side movements) and transverse (rotational movements) planes of motion. Functional workout is that segment of fitness training which focuses on tri-planar workout consisting of real life body movements like pushing, pulling, jumping, squatting, stepping, walking. It consists of weight bearing activities coupled with definite movement which helps in workout of muscles through full range of motion. It ensures strengthening of core muscles of the abdomen and lower back, as these muscles are crucial to proper posture in life and in development of overall strength of the body.

We have designed predefined programs as per the morph of the body (Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph) using Functional workout styles like Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Circuit Training, HIIT workout and Flexibility workout. These Fitness programs alternately focus on strength training (via machines) as well as functional training for re-educating the client in what optimal movement is. The designing of this program’s module is with a view to use individual muscles on one day and multiple joints & numerous muscles the other day. For example, instead of only moving the elbows, a functional exercise might involve the elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles.

Welliesta’s foundation is based on the very thought of exploring fitness. Fitness is a subject that is bit vast, complex and more valuable if correctly integrated and precisely executed. In Welliesta, our R&D team is constantly working on exploring and simplifying fitness techniques and our proficient trainers are engaged in imparting it seamlessly.

As we have customized programs inclusive of functional training exercises, one can see improvements in inherent abilities to perform workouts. This type of training, if properly applied, can make everyday activities easier by improvement in body’s agility and flexibility, enhance youthfulness and vigor, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life. With such outputs, one not only feels physically empowered but also mentally upgraded. Little efforts bring major unbelievable unexpected changes in your life.
Thats quite a return on your exercise investment!!

  • Workout designs with a well versed scientific and physiological background.
  • Transforming Lifestyles, Confidence and Physical Health.
  • Step by step workout programs for every fitness goal.
  • Customize workouts for every body type.

Our mission

What does one think while selecting a fitness plan for himself? A plan that his friend is following, a plan that is endorsed and advertised by the gym, a plan he read last night on facebook, or a plan adopted by his idol? Is it a correct way of selecting fitness plans? What if your friend’s body type and your body type are different? What if he is slim and thus body toning for him is easy due to his habitual fitness routine? What if the gym is endorsing that plan which is for average built bodies and your body isn’t average or you have different fitness goals? There are various factors to be considered while selecting a fitness plan. It should encompass appropriate workout specially customized as per body type, ability and as per fitness goals.

One needs to understand the science behind functioning of body on working out, the science behind muscle formation, strength gain, flexibility gain and fat loss techniques. A solid understanding of exercises and biomechanics can help build more strength and muscle. Every exercise has one or more target muscles. There are different workouts for different outcomes of fitness goals. If there is an error in selecting a correct workout, the consequences can turn out disastrous. Not only can there be an injury in doing incorrect workout, but it may also cause irreparable damage to bodies. Moreover it can be a huge loss of efforts, time, money and health.

One might be so disappointed with the results that he might declare workout as a useless solution towards health problems, which is certainly not true, but is a common case with people around us.

A beginner cannot do a workout of advance level. He needs to improve his body’s flexibility and core strength step by step for achieving potential for advance levels. It is like gaining confidence in abilities of the body, slow and steady. It is important to workout consistently with discipline while making an attempt to go to next levels.

At Welliesta we provide wide range programs for every type of body toning. With programs designed for strength improvement, fat loss, body building, power lifting, 40+ people and many more, we are equipped with high tech equipments and machines and qualified team of professionals. We also provide workouts like Yoga and Zumba. With a huge floor space of 5000 sqft meticulously designed for efficient physical training sessions for all age groups and diverse workout styles, we expertise in providing great experience to all our clients. We understand the value of a fit body and thus focus on training our clients scientifically and physiologically. We don’t just teach in depth workout but also regulate the mental productiveness for enhancement of well being. We believe in overall transformation by means of elevating both physical and mental state of individuals. We invite you to join us and feel the difference.

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