Is functional training for me?

I don’t even know you and my answer is yes! Functional training is for everyone and anyone. The needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Regardless of your skill level, you will fit in here. We have a mixture of beginner Functional training to elite Functional training and we all work side by side as a team.

Should I be in fairly good shape before starting functional training?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! This is often a misconception about Functional training. Please do not let your current fitness level deter you from giving Functional training a try! All of our movements and workouts are scalable – meaning we can completely adjust them to your fitness level and ability.

Is functional training safe?

Absolutely! Everything you do at welliesta’s Functional trainings is overseen by a certified Coach. However, it is a sport, we train at high intensity and sore muscles, calluses, and blisters are normal.

I have an injury; can I still participate in functional training programs?

Yes, you are still able to participate in our programs. You are taught proper form and movement which can help in the rehabilitation process and promote healing. We will work with you and the injury to provide you with a safe and functional training environment

I have never done functional training , what should I expect?

We run, jump, pull, push, climb, squat, lift, press, carry, throw and catch. We believe in utilizing our entire body. We have also been known to have a little fun. We live by the motto work hard, play hard! A typical Functional training programs starts with a warm-up followed by a WOD (workout of the day) which is led by a certified Welliesta’s coach. You can expect to be at the gym for about 1 hour depending on the workout.

What about nutrition?

To accomplish your goals faster, we recommend you eat a variety of healthy foods in quantities that support fitness training but not body fat. By avoiding excessive amount of refined carbohydrates and measuring your intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you will see dramatic, measurable increases in health.

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