Give us six months, we will change your body, habits, lifestyle, your approach towards the health.

The program is specifically designed considering age related factors with respect to body type, body personality, body structure, body tendency etc. 40+ is Welliesta’s personalized cutting edge program, a combination of Cardio, functional training techniques like Plyometric, Flexibility and precise nutrition.

The 40 + is designed to help you discover your fitness personality, overcome common age specific hurdles, and will teach you the fundamentals of training; nutrition and healthier way of living
Our pursuit is to rebuild trust in fitness, typically for health for every age group.

***The workout plans are designed in appropriately considerate manner as per the tendency of an individual to pickup the pace of the levels of the program.

We provide workout sheets of the complete program, split up into levels, coupled with competent instructors and effective training.

40 +


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