Regular Batches


Regular batches are programs to provide the perfect balance between doing it own and getting it done for the people who have the drive to be better people but have not had the instructional help yet.

This program is specially designed for senior customers, housewives who are not so confident and not so consistent with their exercise routine. It is the most appropriate program for the customers who are unsure about the technicalities of workout for a strong and healthy body for their age and lifestyle. People can simply join the batch and relax about their gymming plans. We provide competent tutors who will step by step teach you exercises and will help executing it on a regular basis.

Let it change your life, let it change your beliefs, allow yourself to get instructed. Come –just follow the things and have a coach for life.

***The workout plans are designed in appropriately considerate manner as per the tendency of an individual to pickup the pace of the levels of the program.

We provide workout sheets of the complete program, split up into levels, coupled with competent instructors and effective training.

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