Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Provision

These items are an integral part of the membership agreement. Any Welliesta employee or sponsored contractor /parties, 18 years or older, are eligible for membership in the Welliesta fitness center. Membership shall not be granted or denied on basis of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. The Welliesta fitness organization shall determined and set the amount of dues, assess fees quantity of members ,termination of membership and all other items related to membership.

Use of Facilities

Welliesta fitness center shall provide facilities and services described in this agreement and related descriptive materials provided that Welliesta fitness center may alter the facilities in any way it deems desirable: Welliesta fitness center may close temporarily for a reasonable period of time may restrict or deny the use of facilities to permit maintenance, repair or construction  or repair damage caused by fire flood or any other unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances without refund or other consideration to members for loss of use of the facility. Welliesta fitness center may cease providing all facilities and services to all members respect to future months. Welliesta fitness center reserves the right to revise and add to these rules, regulations, policies and procedures as needed for the benefit, comfort and enjoyment of the members, and the reasonable and proper management of Welliesta fitness center. All members and their guests shall comply with such revised or additional rules, regulations, policies or procedure.


Welliesta fitness center may modify and establish categories of membership.

Dues and charges

Member agrees that he/she will pay the dues and charges in effect at the time the membership accepted. If member has elected to pay on monthly basis, that members monthly dues may be increased at any time by welliesta fitness center upon 30 days notice to the member in the event an increased, the member shall be entitled to the cancel membership but is responsible for all fees, dues and charges insecured by said member upto and including the date of the cancellation. If the member has paid in advance for a 12 months or longer period, no increase in dues will be applicable to such member until the expiration of  such  period , at which time  new dues become effective .

Cancellation of membership for cause

Welliesta fitness center may cancel the membership of an member whose account or any portion thereof include an amount unpaid (due) for more than 30 days. Any member may be expelled by welliesta fitness center for repeated valuation of any rules and regulations, or any conduct which, in the absolute discretion of welliesta fitness center is prejudicial to the welfare, good order, reputation, and character of welliesta fitness center.

Returned eft or Checks

There will be a 2% service fee for any returned electronic fund transfers (er-) or checks.

Notices, Change of address, or email address

Members must notify Welliesta fitness center in writing of any change of address or email contact information. Members are not permitted to advertise or post notices inside or about the club.

Damage, lost, and Stolen Items

Managing parties are not responsible or liable to members or their guests for articles damaged, lost or stolen in or about welliesta fitness center, including but not limited to those items stored in public lockers. Members and their guests agree to use the lockers provided solely for temporary clothing storage and not to store any valuable items in the lockers.lost and found articles are placed in an accessible public. Lost and found items will not be confirmed over the phone.  Welliesta fitness center cannot and will not store personal belongings for members.

Member’s Physical Condition

Prior to becoming a member of welliesta fitness center, individuals are advised to seek advice of their physician especially those with physical limitations, a history of high pressure, heart problems, or other chronic illness. All members shall be required to submit a physical activity readiness questionnaire or informational purposes only prior to becoming a member


All members must in check and swipe their bio-metrics member id upon entering the facility. Guest must present a photo id and pay the associated fees upon entering facility.

Suspension/Termination of Membership

Any member,who is loud, uses offensive language, demonstrates offensive or violent behavior, uses profanity, is bothersome to other members/ employees, behaves otherwise in an unbecoming manner, or who is cited for an infraction of the club by laws may be suspended or terminated from the fitness center. Welliesta fitness center retains the right to terminate a member if they are deemed to be harmful to the other members or employee. Once membership is terminated, individuals may not rejoin the facility.


No camera-equipped devices are to be any area where personal where personal privacy is generally acknowledged, including dressing rooms, restrooms, exercise areas, showing facility etc.

Rules and Regulations

* Welliesta fitness will be opened between 6.00 am -10.00pm (Mon-Sat) and between 09.00am -12.00pm on every Sunday

* Welliesta fitness will remain closed on public holidays. Information on holidays will be displayed on the notice board at the front desk registration of your impression before entering the gym is mandatory.

*Members must secure all their belongings in the locker and shall not allow it to be placed inside gym premises so as to cause inconvenience to other members or staff

*Members are requested to retain all invoices/receipts for any payment made by them. Any disputes/ claims will not be entertained unless original invoice /receipt is produced

* All users of temporary lockers are requested to bring your own padlocks. Please ensure you keep your keys safe and remove your belongings and locks after use. The management reserves the right to break open the locks in case a temporary locker is found locked end of the day

*Membership is non- refundable and non- transferable. It cannot be exchanged with any group activities or different packages

*Membership is not on usage basis. It is a fee permitting access to the fitness center for a certain prefixed period. The unused number of days cannot be extended nor will the amount be refunded, if not used by the member for any reason

*Payment has to be done in full at the time of registration.

*Nutrition counselling sessions will be offered on an appointment basis. One consultation with the nutritionist will be done at the time of registration (not renewal).a diet chart would be given on request. All subsequent reviews will be charged.

*The workout schedule cards will be placed in an alphabetical order in their racks (ABC rack) in the workout floor.

*Children of age of 12 entering the facility should be accompanied by a parent/guardian or should declare a written authorization from the parent/guardian who is responsible for such minor members.

*Members who exercise and use facilities during the period of membership are permitted to access at their (members) own risk. Welliesta fitness group will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to member’s properties and belonging or for death or injuries sustained while in the premises. Members agree that no claims will be made against welliesta fitness and their staff for any reasons whatsoever. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they correctly operate or use the facilities of the gym including setting on the equipment. If in doubt, as to now to correctly operate, members should consult the staff.

* Welliesta fitness may at its own discretion make any amendments to the rules and regulations, schedule of fees at any time and form time to time, without, prior notice to any member.

* Welliesta fitness does not assure a particular weight loss, at any given time. Programs and wordings used in its literature and advertisements are recommended and indicative and is not result assured, as results may vary from person to person and on bassis of performance of each individual.

*Members are requested to do their workouts based on experts guidance only.

*Members has carefully read the waver and release clause and fully understand that this is a release of any and all future claims against center for injury or risk of injury resulting from activities while attending center facilities.

*Member further agrees to release the center from any liability for any loss or theft of their belonging while the member is inside the center

*Members and guests with the following conditions should not use the steam rooms –low/ high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, asthma and pregnancy or any other ailment.

*Kindly vacate the lockers on daily basis

*For safety standards, CCTV has been installed at the center.

Welliesta fitness group has the discretion to terminate center membership if a member:

  1. Fails to pay monetary obligations under welliesta fitness ‘s rules and regulations
  2. Is not able to provide proof of membership on request
  3. Fails to follow the gym rules and regulations  prevailing and also the ones introduced from time to time, including time  limits  and cardio machines and any issue pertaining to gym etiquette.
  4. Will fully damages the properties of the gym or the building facilities.
  5. Provide incorrect information on the application from or does not disclose the necessary details as required, including health-related ones.
  6. Violets any government laws, regulation or rules of the building management.
  7. Damages the name and reputation of welliesta fitness through any action.
  8. Fails to act any orderly manner, misbehavior or engage in improper conduct of solicitation of any kind.
  9. Does any act which is in a manner disturbing or annoying other member of the gym or disturbs the functioning of the gym in any manner.
  10. In situations of deciding acts of violation the decision of the welliesta fitness group is final.


Members will be requested to sign a copy of gym rules & regulation form during their first visit.  Without signing up the gym rules & regulation form no member will be allowed to use the facility welliesta fitness. Signing up of gym rules & regulation is mandatory during membership renewal as well.





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